Have you noticed how BB stands for like a hundred different things? Bobbi Brown, Blackberry, Beauty Balms..we really are the BB Generation. If you are wondering how i got my hands on a Bobbi Brown Lipstick, it was a gift from my mom’s colleague (Thank You Komal M’aam!!!)!!! My grandmom ruined it all by referring to it as the Bobbi Deol Lipstick. Believe me, it is very difficult to explain to her who or what Bobbi Brown is ! Anyhow, say hello to my first ever Bobbi Brown Product…BB Lipstick in Sandwash Pink!!

The Color

Sandwash Pink is a light cool toned  pastel pink. It has an almost nude characteristic to it in the tube but once on skin, you can definitely see the pinkness. It’s a color that is very easy to carry of for light skintones and looks really “English Rose’ on them. I cannot imagine very dark skintones carrying this off as this would just wash them out, and for medium skin tones i think this works well under a gloss. The color is actually really close to MAC Mehr, except Mehr has noticeable warmer undertones and hence is more wearable for me!

The Texture and Finish

This is one of the creamiest, most pigmented lipsticks i have ever worn. The most wonderful thing about the lipstick is the  finish- it  has a semi matte, semi glossy finish. It gives the perfect polished look for everyday wear with just the right amount of  shine and color . I get a decent wear from this…definitely over 5 hours, and my lips dont feel dry or chapped from this at all. It also doesnt feather or setttle into lines which is great and overall it is just a fantastic lipstick in terms of consistency and  is extremely comfortable to wear. What seals the deal for me is that there is little product on your lips, so it is light but it is still so pigmented!

Price:I dont think your get them in India

Best Suited ForCool, Fair Skintones

Overall Verdict: Though the color is best suited for cooler, and paler skin tones, the lipstick is one of the creamiest, light weight, most pigmented ones i have ever tried. On me, it works well under a warmer gloss on top otherwise it washes me out , but that withstanding this is one of those swipe it on and forget about it kind of products. It does its job effortlessly!