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Welcome to Peaches & Blush.  

A bit about me: Peaches & Blush is where all my beauty and fashion obsessions are unleashed. Here you will find a bunch of fun stuff to unwind – some skincare super heros (Im obsessed with anti ageing and good skin), a few makeup product reviews, tons of fashion and outfit inspiration , general work and life opinion pieces and travel diaries whenever I am fortunate enough to step out.

My tagline says P&B is a beauty & fashion blog without the BS, because like every other grown up  working girl- I have precious little time to fuss around things. I have an opinion and a brain, and I like to use it.  I also have varied interests- so while one minute you will find me with my mouth open staring at a handbag ,  the next you will find me trying to learn something from a business self help book and the next I will be researching my next travel vacay and the next…you get the drift right. The blog is kinda a reflection of that too . If yr wondering about the name- I love the color peach and I love blush and the two together give me unparalleled happiness. Along with  Sunday morning brunches, good books and Game of Thrones.

Since it’s customary to brag in your about section. Here is some places you may have spotted me:

The Team

Our trusted editor Akanksha ensures you have sufficient stuff to read and enjoy when I’m not writing.

Other Info : I’m Indian with a NC 35-ish (Medium Skin) in MAC with combination- dry skin so most products I recommend will be geared towards that skintone.