Have you met my dazzling new sidekick  gracing my eyes to work lately? Say Hello to Chambor’s Brown  Dazzle Eyeliner! Its the perfect brown eyeliner – subtle enough to wear to work, but shimmery enough to add a little oomph. Total Love.

 Chambor Brown Dazzle- Dupe for MAC Teddy?

I sure think so.If you want to critically examine then you would say Teddy is a deeper brown than Chambor, but who cares. Once on your eyes, its one and the same thing! They are both that velvety rich cocoa bean brown with gorgeous gold reflects inside. I feel rather doe-eyed when i wear these. It may not be as creamy as teddy is but on the color front, they are definitely like the ‘brother from another mother’ variety. The mothers, obviously are MAC and Chambor. My favourite way to wear this is to wear a black liquid liner underneath and then layer this on top of it. Something about the black underneath makes this even more intense and makes the gold stand out more. Gorjuss!

Chambor Eye Dazzles: Pigmented, Smooth & Long Lasting..But Non Retractable

These Eye dazzles from Chambor are all shimmery colors, with great pigmentation that are soft to apply. They last quite a while on the eye without budging or fading and are even waterline safe. I have extremely sensitive eyes which can react to the slightest change, but these didnt cause me any discomfort when worn on the lower lash line! I also did not have too much of a problem removing them  with water (eyeliners that cling to my lids are a pet peeve), so thats always a good thing!

The only area where they lag behind is that they are non retractable, so if you were to go on a crazy twisting spree (we all have our moments of madness), it would be a point of no return. All you would be left with would be a rather long stick of shimmery brown-ness staring up at you saying “Ha. I aint going back inside missy!’. This retractable thing also means you cant sharpen them once they get blunt. Bummer.

Overall Verdict: 4.5/5 or A

Price: Rs 420/-

Would I repurchase: They are sort of pricey, but i might if i find a standout shade

Recommendation: Brown Dazzle by Chambor is a rich brown with gold shimmer that i think is a dupe for MAC Teddy. These eyeliners are soft, pigmented and long lasting but i really wish they were in pencil, sharpenable form ..these non retractable tubes just dont cut it !