A good black eyeliner is to your makeup collection, what a pair of dark washed denims are to your closet. Solid, Dependable and goes with everything ! A brown eyeliner however is like the  classic white pant- sophisticated, refreshing and adds a bit of a twist to what you wear. While the Chambor Brown Dazzle Eye Pencil is probably my most favourite Brown eyeliner in the world ( and a dupe for Mac teddy), i recently picked up this Nyx Retractable Eye Liner to give it a whirl and so far, its been a fun ride !!

Say hello to Nyx Bronze Eyeliner which i settled upon after swatching atleast a dozen different ones at ULTA. While some were too light (my rule of makeup- always buy eyeliner as dark or darker than your eye color), others were gorgeous but had names that freaked me out (Case in point: Urban Decay ‘Roach’ gave me all sorts of creepy cockroaches idea ) so this one, with its non controversial name, coffee brown color with gorgeous copper- bronze flecks won me over ! The fact that it was retractable was an added bonus  (Sharpeners are cool only till second grade ok!)

What i love about it- super smooth, really nicely pigmented and a swish of gorgeous bronze shimmery color! What i dont- it doesnt last a full work day thats for sure (i get about 5 hours) , and it isnt as shimmery as i like my brown eye liners to be (I like brown eyeliners to be like OOMPH ! Shimmer fest), but its a great liner for a subtle everyday look with a touch of glam.

Pros of Nyx Retractable Eyeliner in Bronze:

  • Super Smooth Color
  • Deep Pigmentation
  • A Beautiful Coffee Brown with Copper and Gold Flecks
  • The Packaging is convenient & the retractable pencil ensures you dont need a sharpener etc
  • Super Affordable (atleast in USD)

Cons of Nyx Retractable Eyeliner Bronze

  • Doesn’t last a full work day (5 hours)

Verdict: A-

Price: 3,5$ in US (250 Rs in INR)

Recommendation: The Nyx Retractable Eyeliner in Bronze is a beautiful dark brown with copper and gold flecks. It’s a great color for brown and green eyes, its super smooth , pigmented and easy to apply. It does start wearing off and flaking after 5 hours which is a disappointment but in terms of the price you pay, this is a great liner!