The battle lines are drawn and the 3 way match is about to get started ! In Corner 1, we have the affable, yellow taxi cab like packaged Maybelline Collosal. He is the first of the ‘new age’ kajals to enter the market and continues to be a favourite. In Corner 2, cool and collected is Lakme Eyeconic flexing his slender body – arch enemy of  Maybelline Collosal- they have a long twisted history between them. Story goes that Lakme Eyeconic stole Collosal’s girl back in 2011 and things havent been the same since then.. In Corner 3 is the dark and mysterious Loreal Kajal Magique- new kid on the block but with lots of potential.

Who will win the Kajal Wars and emerge victorious. Stay tuned folks – this is a match you dont want to miss!

Pigmentation:  Most of these are super dark so literally one point should go to all, but if you are a stickler for details then Maybelline COllosal is the darkest of the three  and Loreal Magique is the weakest of the three. Winner: Maybelline Collosal

Texture: Eyeconic is definitely creamier and easier to apply than Collosal.  As is Loreal Magique – has a better texture and glide. Winner : Lakme Eyeconic/ Loreal Magique

Longevity : Lakme Eyeconic Lasts all day, everyday on my lids without budging. Maybelline lasts long but i do notice fading at the end of the day and Loreal Magique gets slightly transferred on oily lids . Winner: Lakme Eyeconic

Smudge Proof: Both Collosal and Eyeconic are completely smudge resistant. Loreal Magique is smudge resistant as well but it does get transfered. Winner: Maybelline COllosal / Lakme Eyeconic

Easy Removability: This is a very important factor for me, because i hate makeup that doesnt get removed properly. With Eyeconic i really really struggle to get it off because only oil based removers are able to remove it. Result: Wake up with kajal residue and tired looking eyes. Winner: Maybelline Collosal

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  • Going by all the points above,   Lakme Eyeconic seems to emerge as the winner as it is actually better in the texture department and lasts longer .
  • Personally however, my own preference is the Maybelline Collosal. The reason being that for me removing a kajal is MOST important and I hate it if I cannot get a kohl off my eyes (which happens with Eyeconic and Kajal Magique)
  • The Loreal Kajal Magique is also a pretty fantastic kajal and is very similar to Eyeconic but it isnt as black