White Label SEO

White Label SEO Services for your Agency

Here at Orcas Interactive, we aren’t just any old internet marketing agency. We’re your full-service digital marketing team who will turn your brand from bland to grand to ensure more visibility, stronger client relationships, and sustained business success. From inspiration to implementation, our comprehensive online strategies ensure that you never have to worry about marketing again. Instead, you can focus 100% of your energies on actively running the company.

What is White Label SEO?

White label SEO is a form of SEO outsourcing that gives digital marketing agencies the option to sell pre-made SEO packages and bundles, normally on a month-to-month retainer. This differs from private label SEO which is packaged to a reseller’s specifications. With our White label SEO, you can resell SEO packages, Local SEO services, link building, and reporting while we execute the work for you. If you’re after more bespoke packages, head over to our private label SEO page.

Why your Brand Needs White Label SEO

For smaller agencies who don’t have the resources in-house, a white label SEO partnership can equip your brand with the backlinks, technical SEO, or content creation necessary to keep serving your client base. Expand your SEO service offerings without having to hire new employees.

Provide larger SEO fulfillments to keep up with your competitors. Share detailed metrics and monthly reporting to your clients and all in your own branding. Do more to meet your client’s needs without impacting your own bottom line.

Our white label SEO agency provides SEO products, deliverables, and monthly reporting at scale. We’ll get your clients ranking, so you can keep your clients.

White Label SEO Services

The capability to scale your agency without handling the work yourself. Quality SEO services from a team of experts while branding the service as your own. The capacity to expand service offerings without the need of building solutions from scratch.

1. Link Building

Our white label link-building services are the best option for agencies looking for quality, scalability, and convenience. We create SEO-optimized, fresh content that performs well in search rankings and boosts your clients’ site authority.

All of our backlinks come from authoritative publishers. We’ll secure the number of links you need in the right time frame.

Backlinks are an important Google algorithm ranking factor and for showing up in the SERPs, but backlinks are not always easy to acquire.

2. Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords takes time and extensive research, particularly for clients in highly competitive industries. But your marketing agency can outsource the work of keyword targeting to our white label SEO agency. Boost up your in-house SEO program with data-driven keyword research from a white label partner.

Your SEO consultant will identify the keyword opportunities available for your client, and provide keyword data and metrics with white label reporting. Present our keyword findings to your clients with your private label SEO branding as if the research was done in-house.

3. On-Page Optimization

Our SEO experts configure all of the on-page optimizations for your client’s website to improve the relevance and quality of their web pages. These criteria are essential in search engine algorithms. Using our proprietary software, we can optimize landing pages, blog posts, and the HTML elements of your client’s website as if the optimizations were down in-house with your agency.

With access to your client’s CMS, we add optimized page titles, title tags, heading tags, and schema.org markup to improve the quality of your clients’ search results.

4. White Label SEO Audits

As a white label SEO reseller, we provide SEO audits as a part of our white label SEO offerings. SEO audits can help diagnose the inefficiencies in your clients’ websites and guide them to pursue more of your SEO offerings or marketing services. Present our white label audit reports with your agency branding as if the audits were performed by your in-house team.

We offer white-label site audits for technical SEO, local SEO, on-page SEO, UI/UX, web design, backlink profiles, and more. Many agency owners don’t have the technology or resources to do site-wide audits — particularly for enterprise-level sites with thousands of landing pages.

5. Content Strategy

If your private label SEO company doesn’t have a team of writers in-house, we provide a white label content strategy at scale. Instead of hiring freelancers, outsource content creation to LinkGraph’s experienced editorial team. We create SEO-optimized, high-quality content that will get your client’s site ranking for multiple keyword phrases.

As an agency client, you will also have access to our dashboard of SEO tools. Our landing page optimizer will help your in-house team create optimized content for clients on a consistent basis. Instead of working with temporary freelancers, bring in the power of our content team to help take your clients’ SEO strategy to the next level.

6. Paid Media Management

Our expert PPC account managers know how to improve ROI on paid media spend in every industry niche. Outsource your social media advertising or Adwords management to our SEO company and we’ll create scalable, profitable campaigns through our strategic keyword bidding and audience targeting.

PPC campaigns can get very expensive, even for skilled digital marketers. Our white label agency has managed over $20 million in Google Ads spend and has the expertise and knowledge to get your clients qualified clicks on a budget. Use our white label services to expand your digital marketing services even if you don’t have the right person in-house.

7. Local Search

Need local citations for your small business clients? We’ll get them listed across our network of directories so they improve local search performance and appear in the Google Map Pack. Our white label citation services will get your existing and potential customers increased organic traffic and keyword rankings as if performed by your marketing agency.

Local citations are essential for your small business clients who want to appear in location-based searches. Not all agencies can access the directories and citation networks that have the most impact. With our white label local SEO services, you can offer your existing customers SEO products for their geographic needs.

7. Reputation Management

Reputation management is key to ensuring that customers have a positive image of your client’s brand across all online channels. However, there are so many digital locations where your clients’ reputations can be harmed.

Our reputation managers will monitor all of these locations and help improve the signals that communicate to Google that your clients’ websites are trusted by people all across the internet.

If your clients experience a PR crisis that your agency is unable to adequately respond to, our reputation management team can go to work quickly.

Benefits of White Labelling SEO

Make no mistake, if you have a proven process, can handle the workload, and produce high-quality campaigns, then an in-house solution makes perfect sense for you. If not, the benefits of joining a white label program are abundant.

New source of revenue with no overhead

If your agency isn’t currently offering SEO as a service to your clients, then the day you partner with a reputable white label SEO company is the day you increase your agency revenue.

Since there is no employee training or customer acquisition involved, your overhead is little to nothing.

Industry Experience & Expertise

Partnering with an SEO provider means you do not have to build a process and infrastructure from scratch. It also means you can take advantage of your provider’s experience and credibility immediately.

Land & Expand

One of the important parts of an SEO partnership is the fact that your agency’s success is the white label provider’s success as well. The more clients your agency onboards, the happier your white label partner is with you.

This mutually beneficial relationship means your provider will supply you with all of the collateral you need to pitch and win SEO clients.

Cost Effective Agency Growth

It’s all about the margin!

Depending on your markup (as recommended by your white label provider), you can scale your client acquisition, make more money and not have to worry about hiring new SEO experts.

White Label SEO Pricing

Here’s the juicy scoop… SEO isn’t a size fits and pricing needs to reflect that.

When it comes to SEO services, you really do get what you pay for.

There are a host of standard SEO pricing models:

  1. Monthly SEO Packages
  2. Hourly SEO Packages
  3. Project-based SEO Pricing
  4. Custom Pricing

Monthly SEO Packages

This is by far the most popular SEO pricing model offered by SEO agencies. You’re probably familiar with this model, which works on a month-to-month basis.

A month-to-month model means you could be locked into a 6-month or 1-year contract with monthly retainers between $500 and $5,000.

Hourly SEO Packages

Hourly pricing is very popular among freelancers and consultants. If you’re currently using independent contractors and freelancers, then you know that pricing could range from $25 -$100/hr. Sometimes it exceeds $100, but rarely.

Especially if you are building your SEO department, freelancers and consultants can be a great resource. However, managing freelancers and independent contractors can be cumbersome, and over time (for long-term commitments), the cost skyrockets.

Project-based SEO Pricing

Similar to hourly-based SEO pricing, however, this is usually a one-off deal and can be very expensive. Project pricing could range from $1000 to $50,000 depending on the deliverables and timeline.

Custom Pricing

Remember the juicy scoop above?

Well, it’s true. The pricing estimates for all of the packages mentioned above do not take setup fees into account. Meaning, your startup cost alone may eat into your margin.

So at Orcas Interactive, what we did was eliminate SEO packages and setup fees.

Instead, all our SEO campaigns and pricing are custom.

We conduct a one-time audit for each of your clients and determine exactly what each website needs in order to improve organic traffic.

This in-depth SEO roadmap includes a benchmark report, competitor analysis, pricing recommendations and a recommended strategy.

How To Choose A White label SEO Agency

Communication & Transparency

Just like any other campaign, your white label partner should communicate expectations and be transparent about their services, reporting, pricing, and campaigns. It really is that simple.
If your agency partner is not able to be transparent about any of the above-mentioned… RUN.

Experience & Credibility

Make sure the SEO team you’re going to work with has experience. Request to talk to some of the members of the SEO team and ask for success stories and case studies.

Ask about Deliverables & Processes

During your discovery or demo call, make sure to ask about how campaigns are executed and what is involved.
Use the expectations mentioned above as a guide to ensure your potential partner knows what they’re talking about.
Finally, ask about their deliverables – what should your clients expect to see?

Always lookout for the mention of the end goal here – organic traffic growth. The sum of their efforts, including reporting should be to improve organic traffic to your client’s websites.


Search engine optimization takes a lot of time, research, and tracking. As a creative, PR, or digital agency, your goal is to focus on your core competencies.

White label SEO companies are usually experts in their field and a partnership with a good one gives you an edge over competitors in your market.